Sunday, January 24, 2021

Sheebah Kalungi Shoots Self In The Foot, Fans Roast Her Over SAR’s Post

Unlike other days when singer Sheebah Karungi gets positive comments on her posts, yesterday was a tragedy for her after she posted about police brutality in Nigeria neglecting Ugandan issues at hand, and got bashed by fans claiming she should be joining those in the Ugandan struggle and hashtag stop Police Brutality in Uganda instead of Nigeria. 

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The pressure was so much on the ice cream singer that she ended up deleting the post. 

While many celebrities world wide have come out to support Nigerians regarding the demonstrations and killings in their country, not many Ugandan celebrities have done the same. 

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 According to fans, there are a number of problems Uganda is facing right now but celebrities have not come out to fight with those in the struggle but they are rather joining the bandwagon of feeling sorry for Nigeria.

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