Thursday, January 28, 2021

Angella Katatumba Splashes The Cash On Multimillion Video Shoot, Leaves Daddy Andre Salivating

Angella Katatumba might have faked a relationship for the sake of promoting their song collaboration. It could have been real, too. No one can really tell if the pair’s relationship was a mere stunt or real thing. One thing we are sure about is that Angella has looked hotter and hotter ever since she parted ways with Daddy Andre.

The pair have a song together titled “Tonelabira” and it is doing fairly well considering the fact that Angella Katatumba had almost seen her career fade into oblivion.

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However, what we have gathered is that the female singer is working on another big music project without Daddy Andre’s help which is worth millions of shillings.

In one of the photos from the video shoot, Angela is seen sleeping in a heap of dollar notes and Hennessey Bottle. The video is expected to revolve around a spoilt girl who lives her dream life after her man showers her with expensive gifts and a high life.

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