Thursday, January 21, 2021

Pastor Steven Mutesasira Legalises His B0nking With New Juicy Babe After Dumping Jeniffer And Singer Julie Mutesasira

While many believed Pastor Steven Mutesasira after divorcing singer Julie Mutesasira went back to cultivate his first wife’s garden Jeniffer, he was busy planning an introduction and wedding for a new wife Judith Nyamahunge Mani.

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The pastor was introduced by his young ‘Musheshe’ girlfriend Judith Nyamahunge on 21st March this year and yesterday October 17th decided to tie the knot and say “I do” before the creator at Kingdom Power House center Entebbe and had their Reception at lake victoria Hotel Entebbe in a very beautiful ceremony.

The pastor is now set to legally start cultivating Judith’s garden.

Steven has surprised many with his love for letter “J” as all his three women’s names start with the letter i’e Jennifer, Julie, and now Judith.

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Critics are already doing what they know best as they claim Steven shouldn’t have divorced Julie since the bible does not support divorce.

“It is so sad that a pastor could not honour marriage to that level, the church says no to divorce and the bible says that if you divorce because one of you committed adultery, do not marry again and if you marry again it is adultery. One of you has to first die for you to remarry. But can’t pastors forgive since the preach forgiveness? ” one Facebook user named Joan Nalukwaya expressed dissatisfaction.

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