Saturday, January 23, 2021

Housing Finance Bank Sex Scandal: Dorothy Dumps Husband For Boss Ivan Kituuka

Dorothy Namutebi Ssozi has been allegedly decided to end her long term marriage with Ssozi for her boss Mr. Ivan Kituuka who has been eating her sumbie for a while now better than her childish husband.

This comes after Dorothy’s husband Alfred Ssozi allegedly embarrassed and threatens to end her b0nkmate’s life with a shot in the head in an open letter released on social media.

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A reliable source has revealed to Boom Gossip that Dorothy could not keep up with her childish husband after he leaked a video of her giving out his goodies to someone else and threatening to kill.

“She won’t forgive him. She feels this is not the way he should have handled the matter” – Dorothy’s friend who asked Boom Gossip to withhold her identity narrate.

Ssozi angrily accused Ivan Kituuka of sleeping with his wife robbing her of her motherly and wifely duties making her start wearing long acting like a prostitute who doesn’t want to spend any time with her family but rather goes for trips to UK AND USA with her b0nkmate to have more fun.

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It is alleged that Enraged Ssozi has been on many occasions spying on the two lovebirds going as far as recording them while they were enjoying each other in different hotels, it is through his spying job that he was able to notice that his competitor has a small boner which he termed “a matchstick”.

Ssozi later got enough of watching Kituuka’s matchstick enter his wife’s thigh land so he decided to end his life with a bullet in his head as he revealed in the letter where he gave his victim 72 hours.

“Enough is enough, I have a budget for you to have you respect other people and other peoples’ families. Two bullets in your head and chest are my bottom-line and no turning back,” – angry Ssozi wrote in the letter.

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The disrespected husband cried that Kituuka has been sleeping with his wife for years adding that he has used his position at the bank to lure Dorothy into his chest and legs.

Ssozi says he has given Kituuka many warnings accompanied by a physical fight where he slapped him in front of his clients in the bank but still he could not give up on his wife hence hiring people to send him to the creator.

Boom Gossip’s watch dog spotted Kituuka going to police yesterday to report the case CID Kibuli yesterday Wednesday following a social media reports of the secret engagement.

Now to worsen matters for Ssozi, it is alleged that Dorothy has decided to go with Kituuka and become his second wife leaving Ssozi alone with the kids.

Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.

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