Sunday, January 24, 2021

FIRE FIRE!! HR Manager Puts Screaming Slay Queen Through Vigorous Job Interview, Chew Her Sumbie To Tatters [VIDEO]

Many young graduates looking for employment opportunities have been faced with a number of challenges with the most common one being forced sex by employers who take advantage of their desperation and naivety. This in the end makes some lose their potential jobs while others lose their dignity by accepting to give out their goodies in the name of jobs.

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The challenge used to affect only female candidates but now even male candidates are demanded to strengthen their backs and satisfy the old aged mamas in bed.

These stories have been heard for a long time but some are not believed due to lack of evidence but now with the one we have been able to get, the stories can be believed and maybe action is taken.

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In a video already making rounds on the internet, the Human resource manager of an unknown company we are yet to identify is heard taking an unidentified girl through a crazy interview as she is screaming out loud.

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