Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Secrets Emerge About Viral Video Of Housing Finance Bank Boss Ivan Katuuka’s Sex Tape And Where He’s Allegedly Shot Dead For Chewing Married Woman’s Sumbie – Full Truth Here

IVAN KATUUKA Is Safe – You must remember the rumour, b0nking, terror and sex that was going on in different videos and documents on social media this week, all sparked off by a one Ssozi as he calls himself in the open letter which has been making rounds on the internet with him swearing to shoot his competitor Mr Ivan Kituuka a senior manager at Housing finance bank, Kololo branch claiming he has been merciless “f*(*cking” his wife.

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He later released a video of the two ‘b0nkmate” doing what they know best, the video has since then gone viral.

In the video, you will see a heavy dark skinned man on top of a light skinned woman making love, but these do not show their faces. A reliable source revealed to Boom Gossip that all these videos were fake.

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And just a few hours later, another video was released on social media with its south in doubt where unidentified people are seen shooting at a gentleman who ended up dead. The gentleman has since then been identified by many as Ivan Kituuka with belief that Ssozi had fulfilled his promise. However, Boom Gossip understands he was not Ivan.

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Boom Gossip has learnt that the viral video was a graphic and the manager is still alive and kicking or maybe even still feeding on Dorothy’s sweet sumbie.

Housing finance bank has promised to investigate the allegations and take rightful decisions adding that the matter is also being investigated.

Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.

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