Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Zari Hassan Reveals Her SECRET Why She Is Afraid Of Pregnancy With Her New Hot Husband

Not long ago Zarina Ntale alias Zari Hassan hinted that she wanted more kids since she likes a big family with at least 10 children. The mother of five promised that she would bless her new Nigerian chocolate boyfriend Fred Nuamah with some children possibly twins to add to the children he already has.

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However, the failed singer and entrepreneur may not rush to open her uterus for that since the kind of job she does won’t give her enough time to take care of her pregnancy but she reveals that the plan is still in consideration.

“Yea (I’m still interested in giving him twins) but it’s scary saa hizi kubeba mimba na hizi kazi ninazo,” she disclosed to Boom Gossip

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The socialite has assured those who thought she was too old to have babies anymore that she is so healthy and fertile but in case she fails, they will have to get a surrogate mother to do the job just the way you saw the Kardashians do it. 

I’m still heathy, heathly and ferotile,  if I can’t get pregnant for him we will  a surrogate. Kids are beautiful, nilitamanai kupata watoto kumi unajua watu wa zamani walikuwa wanazaa. I am so old fashioned and traditional I want 10 babies so my kids can have a huge family get together and a cook out. Okay maybe 10 is too much. No its not. Maybe. 10 Inshallah. It’s a blessing. Wanawake wanatufuta watoto hawazai. Wengine wetu tumezawadiwa kuzaa kama kuku so why not? Najiweza so hata akiondoka its fine,” Zari reveals

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Zari has five children, three boys from Ugandan Business man late Ivan ssemwanga, one girl and a boy from Tanzanian singer Diamond Platnumz.

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