Sunday, January 24, 2021

“No One Has Ever Chewed My Sumbie”- Juicy Doreen Kabareebe Speaks Out About Her Innocence

When the name Doreen Kabareebe is mentioned, what comes to many people’s minds is nu(dity. This is due to the many pictures and videos the model has released not forgetting the recent ones where she was totally unclad in the Adam and Eve photoshoot concept.

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Doreen has been roasted, criticised by many for always appearing almost na_ked on social media in the name of modeling but she claps back saying it is her profession and just like Winnie Nwagi she reminds the concerned citizens (Bikira maria’s) as she calls them to unfollow her and tell their children to unfollow her too.

Now someone like Doreen who has been involved in that kind of life is deemed almost impossible to imagine that she has never had any intimacy with any man, not after she has fed that gender repeatedly with her goodies hence attracting them to her.

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The model shocked many Ugandans yesterday when she confidently revealed she is still a virgin and swore never to get involved with anyone before marriage.

“I am still a virgin and the man i will sleep with will be my husband” – Doreen explains.

Previously was singer Chosen Becky who revealed to the place that she’s a Virgin but later on, we found out she had a kid before confessing that lie, we hope it is not the same with our own Doreen.

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There are possibilities for Doreen to be a virgin though since we have not seen her getting intimate with men just like other celebrities Save for being rumoured to have caused Chameleone and Daniella’s break up with many claiming she was dating with the singer turned politician. However, she denies everything.

Indeed Doreen never ceases to surprise countrymen and women as she also opened up about her religion and love for God saying she is a born again.

” I pray from pastor Kakande’s church….” she revealed.

For someone who is most of the time unclad to be born again is surprising but Doreen says she does what she does because it is her career. She advised parents instead of criticising her that she is misleading their children to start telling them about her achievements for example having attained a master’s degree, having a good job, and running an NGO that looks after single mothers.

The beautiful model says her family and friends should take her the way she is. She also advised Ugandans to get out of the traditional culture and embrace change saying if they can not then they should stop shouting change but let Museveni stay as president too.

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