Thursday, January 21, 2021

“I’m So Sure I Can’t Be a Sugar Mummy For a Short Man Like You” – Ykee Benda Embarrassed By Mystery Woman He Claims Paid Him To Chew Her Sumbie [SCREENSHOTS]

Singer Tugume Wycliffe alias Ykee Benda will never joke with women again after a bitter Twitter war and embarrassment from a mystery woman identified by her twitter username as Cecilia.

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The bitter war started with a tweet made by the Uganda Musicians Association president where he was against women who pay men in exchange for s3ex and love giving Cecilia as an example.

“Stop offering money for sex, you’re lovable… I know it’s hard for to believe but yeah there could be a fill for you.” – Ykee responded after he was angrily attacked by Cecilia.

The accused couldn’t take it lightly but to fight back by attacking the ” Amina” singer saying she can not be a sugar mummy to someone as short as Ykee.

“But one thing I’m so sure of I can’t be a sugar mummy for a short man like you” – Cecilia fired back.

Cecilia had support from many tweeps who accused Benda of ignorance and arrogance saying it is the reason many musicians including A pass do not support him for being their president. Out of embarrassment, he deleted the tweet but did not stop insulting Cecilia calling her vulgar names.

“Ykee Benda going bare knuckles on Ceci to this exposes him. Disagree to agree, he didn’t have much information that is why he deleted the tweet. Now he has resorted to insulting and calling Ceci names” – Evelyn Nakayi tweeted.

“And am not done… Every quarter management gives me one day to stoop as low as many of the tweeps do while talking back at us. Allooooow please in peace” Ykee expressed himself.

Here is what netizens say.

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