Monday, January 25, 2021

Is Sheebah Finally Ready To Have Children?

Just a few days ago Sheebah shocked Ugandans when she answered the question many have been asking of who eats her sumbie and she revealed that she eats herself literally meaning that she masturbates! 

That however was not so surprising to some people who have for so long believed that she is a lesbian. One may think that such people do not wish to have children because if they wanted, they would then be sleeping with men not women, or chew themselves.

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However, according to the “Ice Cream” hitmaker’s post on her socials, she is desperate and ready to have children. This is evidenced by her approval and receiving blessings from a fan who photoshopped her head onto a heavily pregnant mother’s body.

“My favourite fan edit so far, I take the blessings atte balabika nga abalongo” she happily captioned the picture.

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In African traditional society, a woman who is 25+ years of age is expected to be married with atleast a Child. This has put many women under pressure because family members and elders in the society keep reminding her of how she is reaching menopause with no children, this is no exception with artists too as we have witnessed fans asking Sheebah when she is getting married and give birth.

TNS diva Sheebah who was born on November 11, 1989, will turn 31 years this year. However, she is yet to reveal a lucky man who is swimming in her waters.

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