Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: Angella Katatumba To Attend, Sing At Daddy Andre And Nina Roz’s Introduction Ceremony

You must remember reading an article or watching interviews and gossip news on television and on Boom Gossip where singer and unapologetic socialite Angella Katatumba had a controversial breakup with alleged city Casanova and music producer Daddy Andre.

Angella claimed she could not let the producer enter her Garden of Eden before testing for HIV. Due to Andre’s failure to test, the diva broke the news of their breakup on her social media platforms.

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However, the rumour social media has it that singer Nina Roz is now an item and set to introduce Katatumba’s Ex-lover Andre to her parents after he allegedly made her pregnant.

While many expected the news to hurt Angella just the way it would with many ex-lovers, she has surprised netizens by revealing that she is not bothered at all because she doesn’t even think about her former lover because she moved on months after the breakup and has someone else now.

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Angella has also shocked netizens by saying that if the two alleged love birds invite her to perform and attend their functions, she would do so as long as they pay her.

“I go for money not emotions” – Angella revealed.

“I do not care, he was not good enough for me and one man’s meat is another man’s poison” – Angella explains further

She goes ahead to say she is young rich and famous claiming people of her type do not get bothered by such things.

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Even though a section of netizens believe the “Omuliro” singer is pregnant and about to introduce Daddy Andre, Nina Roz revealed during an interview with Boom Gossip that she is not pregnant and Andre is just a friend. About the introduction, she said she doesn’t discuss her personal matters in public.

Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.

Watch video below:

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