Tuesday, January 19, 2021

NBS TV’s Douglas Lwanga Protests Against Continued Suspension Of Entertainment Activities [PHOTOS]

Just like other artists and other people in the entertainment industry have been affected badly by the covid -19 lockdown (continuous suspension of music shows, concerts, mass gatherings and lock on bars) the purple party CEO Douglas Lwanga has shown his dissatisfaction with the government for failing to lift lockdown to let those in the industry start work too.

In a post made on the NBS after five host’s socials, he is seen wearing a purple T-shirt written on words showing the need to open bars and mass gatherings.

 “I miss purple party” says Douglas via his T-shirt, he also captioned the pictures with ” Dear Mr President…..”

It is during this period that the music and entertainment industry would be planning and organizing shows and concerts and indeed other companies would have started tours already for example purple party, however with the suspension on mass gatherings, such activities can not take place hence losses to the entrepreneurs.

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