Thursday, January 28, 2021

VIDEO: Housing Finance Bank Boss Ivan Kituuka’s Se(x)-Tape Chewing Married Woman Dorothy Leak

We have heard about incidents where employees have been n@bbed feasting on their bosses’ spouses. However, now it appears the opposite has been witnessed as a mega s3x saga has graced Housing Finance Bank. The bank is currently embroiled in a saga where one of its managers a one Ivan Kituuka is caught on camera having live se(x with his female employee.

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The wife a one Dorothy has been having an intimate relationship with her boss behind her husband’s back for some time. However, the husband kept getting reports that there was an affair going on which prompted him to start spying on the pair.

The husband of Dorothy Mr. Ssozi was forced to trail his wife on a fateful day and she went to meet her lover Mr kituuka, oblivious of the fact that she was being followed. 

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Upon reaching her hideout with Mr Kituuka, the pair started on their making love without the knowledge that the husband was recording them on video. The video has been released by the husband on social media and it has caused massive uproar. 

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There are also reports that the husband to Dorothy has threatened to have Mr Kituuka gunned down, while other sources claim that the revenge has already been meted out.

Watch the Video below:

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