Saturday, January 23, 2021

“I Can’t Allow His Matchstick To Enter My Baby Mama’s Honeypot Anymore” – Angry Man Swears To Shoot Housing Finance Bank Manager For Chewing His Wife [VIDEO]

A man identified as Ssozzi shocked the public with threats directed at a one Ivan Kituuka who is the senior branch manager at Housing Finance Bank for chewing his wife Dorothy Namutebi Ssozi mercilessly and robbing her from her wifely and mother duties leaving him (Ssozi) with no choice but to kill his competitor (Ivan) with bullets.

Ssozi has petitioned Housing Financed Bank to look through his issue and sack the man in question or else he will have to kill him saying that he has already budgeted everything and hired “boys” to do the job.

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In the petition released on social media today, Isaac shows his great hatred for the man allegedly having b0king sessions with his wife saying the two have been eating each other for years now. Ssozi that he has warned Ivan on several occasions but to no avail. He also one time had a physical fight with him where slapped him in front of his clients as a way of embarrassing him but still he could not stop chewing Dorothy’s contagious sumbie.

However, saac says his competitor does not have much to show off because he has a small and unattractive penis which he was able to witness from a video he privately recorded.

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“You with your matchstick cassava entering my wife oohhh no. These days you jog around the streets of Kololo and then go with my wife and then proceed to your usual places for you to lick her clitoris as she licks your matchstick like cassava oh you pig. I have videos of you doing such evil ways of yours with my wife”  – Ssozi angrily spit.

He goes ahead to promise that he will leak videos on social media for publishing within 72 hours of the petition was released so that Ivan’s family members, wife, and children can witness his adultery. The Angry Ssozi has also promised to put two bullets in Ivan’s head and chest saying he has already had enough with his disrespect.

“My boys who are to do the job are on record for outstanding accuracy on target. As I said, at the best opportunity they will shoot you. This may be in the morning, afternoon or evening… ” – Ssozi threatens further

 He has assured that Ivan will be shot either at the bank premises, home or any other places .

According to Ssozi, the bank manager has been on many occasions using bank money to take Dorothy on trips in UK and USA claiming it is bank duty which he says he has proof.

Watch the video below.

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