Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Man’s Cassava Stuck In His In-law’s Sumbie After Wife Caught Him Red Handed Chewing Her Sister, Woman Faints

Just as we all know that men( and women) are simply glued to the art of cheating that not even a repentance before the Pope can stop them in their tracks, Kenyans seem to be far much entrenched in the vice.

News coming onto Boom Gossip news desk from our neighbours in the East reveals of how a married woman passed out after catching her own sister in bed with her very own husband. The woman who has been known as Stacy was called into a guest house to witness her own husband Moses stuck in the Kandahar of her very own sister Lynn.

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The  rare incident happened in Embakasi in Nairobi county after Stacy had reportedly cast a spell on her husband. This was propelled by the saucy messages that she kept on finding in her husband’s phone from Lynn.

Lynn was living with at her sister’s home where she kept on throwing lustful glances on Moses, her sister’s husband. Stacy was forced to confront her husband about the messages but the husband denied any affair, saying the message could have been sent by mistake.

Man’s Cassava Stuck In His In-law’s Sumbie After Wife Caught Him Red Handed Chewing Her Sister

“That text message was wrongly sent to me, I called my in-law who apologised that the text message was meant for someone else, he boyfriend, but she wrongly hit at my number,” Moses had claimed.

However, Stacy was not contented and sent Lynn packing back to her parents. However, the pair kept meeting secretly and watering their gardens with selfless abandon. This forced Stacy who kept being suspicious to consult her own medicine man who cast a spell on Moses.

On the fateful day, the two infidels met in Embakasi to have their routine sex escapade only for the man to get stuck in Lynn’s pool. Stacy was called after the two were heard crying out loud for help. She arrived after 30 minutes only to find the two still stuck. She cried out bitterly as she teared at her sister for the betrayal.

“I thought this was just a rumour, I shouldn’t have trusted you, Lynn, even after giving you everything you wanted. You have the courage to sleep with my hubby? Is that what mom taught us,” wailed Stacy before she passed out and was rushed to hospital.

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