Tuesday, January 26, 2021

VIDEO: 21 Caught Live On Camera Chewing Each Other On S3ex Party

21 people in Kira have been arrested by the Kampala Metropolitan police after they have been caught taking part in a group s3x party. The participants were caught from a private house in Kireka, Kira municipality Saturday night after KPM via its intelligence knowledge planted informants to monitor and call the police when the party started. 

The organizers made posters which were shared on social media inviting people to take part. According the the posters ordinary was 30.000 ugandan shillings while VIP was at 50.000ugandan shillings.

Police was alerted at midnight when the party started and they found the participants red handed. According to KPM, 21 party animals have been arrested and detained at Kira Division police station on charges of disobedience of lawful orders and doing acts that are likely to cause the spread of corona virus.

” Their files are being prepared and they will appear in court tomorrow ” KPM confirms. Pictures of the suspects are circulating on social media already where a number of women are seen half naked in a group, however there are no men involved.


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