Sunday, January 24, 2021

FULL VIDEO: Zahara Totto Undresses On Camera, Proves She Is Better Than Winnie Nwagi

Loud mouthed Nalumaansi Zahara alias Zahara Totto has also decided to show off her endowments just a few days after Winnie Nwagi’s semi n$des.

While many have for so long shot at her for dressing inappropriately claiming she does not have an appealing body figure, the Uncut show host has proved that she has the body that many men are yearning for. This is evident in the pictures and videos posted by her while in a bikini only exposing her brown thighs.

Men left yearning, praising her saying she is better than Winnie Nwagi who has ” holes” on her booty but still keeps on showing it off, however as usual some people mostly women have condemned the act of indecency saying she should have some more clothes on to cover her other parts. 

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Bootylicious Winnie Nwagi Undresses Again As Dirty Dancing On Camera, Internet goes Wild
winnie nwagi

Winnie Nwagi seems to have set a trend for many Ugandan female artists and public figures because just a few days after she had undressed, at least we have witnessed two people do the same I.e Zahara Toto and Doreen Kabareebe.


Watch the video below;

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