Monday, January 25, 2021

“Who Said I Got No Curves?” – NBS TV Star Zahara Totto Mesmerizes [PHOTOS]

Motormouth TV personality Zahara Totto has always been castigated for her body shape, with many over the internet bashing her for having an irregular figure and not being worthy of being called a beauty. However, Zahara who has hoped from one man to another in dramatic fashion, leaving many wondering why men should be falling for a mother of four who has long lost her charm and body shape.

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But hey, Zahara Totto is not done yet. She has shown to all that care to stop and look that she is blessed with a great body. This weekend, Zahara Totto was cooling her stress off by the Poolside and she took a time off to show off what her momma gave her. 

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Behold, in a black swimsuit, Zahara posed for photos and flaunted her remaining pieces of flesh, with her curves standing out. The UNCUT presenter’s curves are, to be honest bigger than we all thought but slightly smaller than she thinks.

Check them out:

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