Friday, January 22, 2021

VIDEO: MUBS Fearless Slay Student Thelma Gharim Leaks Own NU$des, Thumps Her Waters Up And Down

Do you, by any chance remember a certain MUBS female student who was accused by a boyfriend of drugging and raping him? Thelma Gharim is the name!  That name is back in the news, for the wrong reasons as well.

The young woman has gone ahead to leak her own n$de video and photos which have taken the internet by storm.

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Thelma had been accused by many including socialite Sheila Gashumba of drugging her boyfriend and raping him, infecting him with STDs in the process. Thelma however hit back, advising the man to go seek legal redress is he thinks she committed the offence.

Watch the video here

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