Monday, January 25, 2021

Chris Evans Reveals Why He Turned Down Brenda Nafuula’s Marriage Proposal

During a Q&A session with fans on Facebook, the “Zaake” singer revealed he turned down Brenda Nafuula because of Zanie Brown. This came after many fans were asking why he did not accept Brenda who is so desperately in love with the singer.

It is on record that the mother of one has a huge crush on singer Chris Evans who on the other hand does not feel anything for her.

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A few weeks back, Brenda publicly asked for Chris’s hand in marriage during TV interviews and on “Abanoonya” a show on Bukedde Television.

Singer Zannie Brown

Chris Evans however asked journalists not to air the story about his suitor saying that he did not want his crush Zanie Brown to get annoyed.

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During the Q&A session, fans also asked why Zanie Brown says he is just a brother while he claims they are lovers. Netizens replied saying there is a lot going on between the two singers but Zanie does not want to tell the truth.

Also watch the video below:

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