Tuesday, January 26, 2021

NBS TV Presenter Tuff B Bitterly Attacks MP Nambooze For Undermining NUP Flag Bearer Ssegirinya

NBS Kurt host Tuff B has come out today to attack Hon Nambooze Bakireke Betty for undermining Ssegirinya during NBS barometer show and supporting overstaying in Parliament yet at the same time fighting president Museveni for doing the same.

During the show, Nambooze showed her support for Latif Ssebagala who has been in power for 20 years saying the young people need to first get experience.

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Ssegirinya responded by saying there is no school for experience so they will learn on the way, he added that they should not be condemning Museveni for overstaying in power yet there are some members of parliament doing the same.

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Many people including Tuff B have come out to attack Hon. Nambooze for the same reasons. 

“Madam Teacher, bwotulabako amatu totuyita mbuzi…..Mr Update is right, the house is not a job but a service house, make way namwe tubakoye 20 years ogenda kolakyi ekyakulema ” says Tuff B

Tuff be concluded saying Nambooze should stop politicking adding that if Museveni must go then even those who have spent more than three years in Parliament should go too.

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