Thursday, January 28, 2021

NUP Supporters Attack Blogger Eddy Messiah After Exposing Dark Secrets Behind Bobi Wine’s Wealth [SCREENSHOTS]

This comes after Eddy Messiah a Ugandan blogger who is currently staying in Sweden went on his socials and started discouraging those in the struggle as they call it.

Eddy Messiah says all Bobi Wine’s brothers are not with him in the struggle suffering, he says they are busy getting more wealthier yet poor and miserable Ugandans are dying and getting teargased on a daily for joining Bobi Wine’s struggle.

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In the post, Eddy photo grid mansions owned by the four brothers I.e Bobi Wine, Mickie Wine, Banjo, and Eddy Yawe.

“Bano ba guy tebekalakasa ela tebakubwa tear gas. Banjo, Mickie Wine ne Yawe tebasiiba Ku offices za muganda wabwe ela tebasiiba Ku Facebook nga bakubila muganda waabwe campaign……. ” – Says Eddy

NUP supporters however have fired back saying g that they are not in the struggle because of Bobi Wine but because of the need to fight to recover their country.

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If you are in this struggle because of Bobi Wine then you are in it for the wrong reasons. This is about the future for your kids so that they can live in a better Uganda than you did. Stop being egocentric” one supporter fired.

Others say Eddy does not know anything Ugandans are going through since he is in Sweden living a peaceful and extravagant life as well as enjoying free money from the regime ( Museveni’s).

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