Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Is Zari Hassan Nearing Death? Fans sacred as Socialite Sends Emotional Message To First Son Pinto [SCREENSHOTS]

Zari Hassan is a renowned Ugandan socialite bassed in South Africa who can make money speak. She’s someone who has never posted anything else apart from showbiz. She is a party woman who prefers enjoying her life to anything negative.

However, ‘The boss lady’ has today scared netizens when she wrote and an emotional love letter to the first son Ivan Ssemwanga Pinto a son to late Ivan Ssemwanga where she pours all her heart out appreciating and assuring him of her love.

In the letter, there are lines which are normally said by people who are either ill and afraid that are about to die according to the African tradition.

“I’d seen love and but when i had you i felt and experienced something different; Real love. Today if something happened to me, i know with all my heart you’d take care of the situation. Today i celebrate you; Your different, your chosen, you’re God’s angel/God’s greatest. I love you to the moon, Mars to the moon to mention afew. Gona leave this here incase make mummy is no more just know mummy knew from day 1, you will be MVP, world’s greatest. I love you, and no, mummy aint going soon but sometime later? I LOVE YOU” – Zari Hassan posted

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Zari concludes saying she is not going anywhere now but sometime later.

Fans are seen commenting saying she has used hard words which are so scaring.

“Message is a bit scary dear Zari as the African tradition that someone near death can say that but we pray that you live long to see your grand children ” one fan commented. Another fan says it is a good message for children of Pinto’s age who only mind about their parents’ wealth and forget that one day they ( parents) will die and leave them.

Check out screenshots below.

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