Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Singer Chosen Becky Finally Accepts First Son She Had Denied, Praises Him On His 3rd Birthday [PHOTOS]

Chosen Becky Finally Accepts First Son She Had Denied.

Singer Chosen Becky has today finally showed her first son Hrim Kukiriza to the public after a child custody scandal between herself and ex-boyfriend.

Three years back when the “Bankuza” hitmaker had become so popular, she was hosted on Mwasuze Mutya show on NTV where she revealed that she was 19 years old and still a virgin which made Ugandans sympathize with her since she was going through a lot at the moment because of cyberbullying.

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The singer, later on, was rumoured for having been pregnant for blogger Dictator Amir which turned out to be true as we saw the couple welcoming their first son together Heather Mutebi Amir.

Just out of the blue Chosen Becky’s ex boyfriend surfaced claiming that he has a son with the singer which fans did not believe at first thinking the guy was paid to tarnish Becky’s name. 

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Her ex did not stop there but started demanding for child custody revealing that  “Sikyuuka” singer’s parents pushed him away from his responsibilities and hid his son from him.

But Becky had already told the world two years back that she did not have any child adding that she was still a virgin. She clarified that the children which people used to see with her are just her sisters’. 


She later admitted denying her own child confessing that indeed she has a child with her ex boyfriend and today she has managed to publicly wish him a happy birthday in a post on her socials.

Becky’s husband has also showered love to little Hrim Kukiriza in a post on his socials wishing him a birthday.

Fans have complimented him for being a great father at a young age and loving Chosen the way she deserves.

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