Monday, January 18, 2021

Grace Khan Pours Her Heart Out In an Open Love Letter To Henry Mwanje [Screenshot]

Singer Grace Khan has sent an appreciation love letter to fellow singer and Best friend Henry Mwanje through her socials praising him for being a good friend and understanding her always.

In the letter, Khan reveals that the two have been silent on each other due to busy schedules adding that it is good having him back.

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“Do you people know how it feels? Who knows this feeling when you finally hug your bestie after a period of lusilika” she expressed her excitement

Khan says she loves mwanje very much for always loving her regardless of her character. 

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Khan and Mwanje have been on many occasions rumoured to be b0nking each other however the Mwenye singer clarified that what they have is just friendship and nothing more. She says Mwanje is her best friend just.

Mwanje is not the only person Khan has been suspected of b0nking with but many others including Kojja Kitonsa, Jovan Luzinda who recently refuted the rumour saying they were just friends among others.

Read Full letter below:

“Do you people know how it feels??!, who knows this feelings? When you finally hug your bestie after a period of time of olusirika, imean enaku zokwesilikieamu when everyone is busy. This pics weya from my heart i loved. Henrly Mwanje You always insipired me lwakuba ojira newesudiya mu mbu kusiize nyo akazigo!!. hE IS NOT OF THE PEOPLE WHO NZE NSINGA OMUNYIIZA MUNSI.. Naye Bambi mumugambe mwagala nyo” – Grace Khan posted.

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