Thursday, January 28, 2021

“Back Off Our Ghetto Business!” – Rocky Giant warns police to stay out of his War With Buchaman

Faded rapper Rocky Giant has today come out to ask the police to stay out of his beating drama with Buchaman alias Mark Bugembe claiming it is a minor issue which does not need their intervention.

He has however called upon legendary singer Joanitah Kawaalya to intervene.

This followed a scary video in which the singer was seen being beaten by fellow singer Buchaman over claims that the ‘Ngoma Nnene’ rapper was claiming to be the Ghetto President, a title that Buchaman initiate is a preserve himself alone.

Later on Ugandan musician association president, Ykee Benda called upon the police to intervene. Ykee Benda tried looking for the victim of torture but failed since he ( Rocky Giant) was hiding.

Police informed the public that they could not do anything without a statement from Rocky since no formal complaint was lodged.

Butcherman was seen saying that he and Rocky are in good terms adding that he will not apologise because he was only punishing him for his indiscipline towards a ghetto president.

Ugandans have expressed their disappointment in Rocky Giant saying such reactions from victims are a reason for increasing violence in the country.

However, others believe Rocky is afraid that once Buchaman gets arrested, his gang may come for him hence the silence in fear of the repercussions.

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