Sunday, January 24, 2021

Angry Tina Fierce Speaks Out On Reports That She Is To Be Arrested

Former Sqoop on scoop show host on Urban TV Christine Karungi alias Tina Fierce is currently living in fear after an anonymous tip that she is going to get arrested anytime soon due to her constant attacks on government big shots.

Tina was suspended from work for attacking Minister Sam Kuteesa and it appears she will get arrested after she stubbornly refused to apologise as directed by the UCC since it is her show that breached broadcasting standards.

However, Tina Fierce seems to be unmoved by what threats come her way, saying she is a Ugandan that is entitled to her opinion, saying she is not scared of arrest.

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Through her social media platforms, Tina revealed how she is no longer amazed by the way things are run in Uganda.

“Wait what? So we can’t express our opinions in peace! Wow! Uganda just wow!” captioned Tina Fierce on social media.

Tina Posted

When this saga had just unfolded, Sheila Gashumba and her boyfriend God’s Plan were all over social media claiming that they were the ones making Tina Pay for social media bullying aimed at them. 

It appears now that the sage is not about two social media wannabes seeking attention but rather a highly powerful political big shot seeking his revenge.

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