Monday, January 18, 2021

“Gaining Weight In The Right Places!” – Lydia Jazmine Speaks Out On Being Pregnant With Fik Fameica’s Child

Female singer Lydia Jazmine has been rumoured to be having a secret affair with Ugandan rapper Shafik Walukagga alias Fik Fameika which reportedly resulted into the former visiting the latter’s home on Eid.

The rumour also suggests that the two who have been inseparable in these past months of lockdown have been sharing a bed together and that Fik Fameika has actually donated a seed to the singer’s oven.

It all started when Lydia Jazmine appeared as a vixen in Fik Fameika’s song “Muko”, an action that raised eyebrows. Many have also pointed a finger at Lydia Jazmine’s excess weight that she has put on during this lockdown an indicator that she could be heavy with child. However, Lydia has opened up on her weight, rubbishing reports that she is heavy and that Fik is actually not as lethal at shooting as many thought.

” I’m Gaining Weight In The Right Places And I Have Peace Of Mind!  ? Bantu Mwe Temusala”- she captioned a post on her social media.

We shall wait until nine months pass. Maybe we shall come back with yet another story to tell.

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