Monday, January 25, 2021

Comedian Kapere Hunted For Conning Artiste Of 700k, Runs Into Hiding

Comedian Kapere is being accused of taking 700k shillings to appear in a music video but refused to show up.

The complainant who identifies himself as ‘Nonstop Promoter’ says Kapere was supposed to attend and take part in the video shoot on Monday but he fled into hiding and didn’t show up despite being paid.

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While talking to Boom Gossip, Kapere clarified that he was only given 400k shillings as opposed to reports that he was paid 700,000 shillings.

The comedian says he was unable to appear on set that day because he was caught up with so many challenges that hampered his availability, àsking the artists to be patient with him.

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However, the promoter insists he pays back the money or else he gets sued.

On the contrary, Kapere says they should reschedule the shoot to when he is free if they have not started editing the video yet.

The song in which Kapere was supposed to appear is titled ” city born” where he was to play the city tycoon character.

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