Thursday, January 28, 2021

A Blessing In Disguise? Rocky Giant Reaps Big From Buchaman’s Beating, Top Celebs Join His Cause [Screenshots]

Social media has been brimming with fury after a video in which Musician cum politician Buchaman and his men are seen brutally torturing and beating singer Rocky Giant, many artists have come up to offer help in form of money, recording deals, clothes among others while others screamed 8n sheer condemnation.

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In the video, Buchaman is heard warning Rocky to stop calling himself ghetto president claiming he is the right ghetto president. He went ahead to beat the faded singer using a stick on his head, making him kneel down in front of adults and kids which many people have condemned saying is inhumane.

Many people in the entertainment industry including Bobi Wine, Douglas Lwanga, Lydia Jazmine, Sheebah Karungi among others have come up to condemn the act calling upon Uganda police force to act. However, Kampala metropolitan police spokes person Luke Oweyesigyire has revealed there is nothing they ( police) can do since no one has reported a case yet.

Uganda musicians Association president Ykee Bends has also come out to comment on the brutal act saying Buchaman is a nobody and should never have treated anyone like that.

Fans are seen criticising the association president claiming this is the time he is supposed to act by getting a good lawyer to fight for Rocky’s justice instead of making noise on social media.

One may call this a blessing in disguise for Rocky because he has been able to get much help from people than he would if nothing happened to him. Some studios have offered to give him free studio time to record more music.

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Artists who have offered help include Victor Kamenyo who has pledged 1m shillings, Nince Henry has also promised to write two rap songs for Rocky, blue sky magic has offered two audio productions, Jah Live three music videos. Other people who have pledged help include Taata Sam, Singer Boyce, producer Diggy Baur, Lil Pazo Lunabe among others.

Jennifer Fulfigure who is also a presidential advisor is seen on her socials condemning the act.

” Butcher man I condemn your acts I’m every way, Mzeei appointed you osobole okola ebimugatako so sibimuswaza.  Few months back you were treated the same way nokolimila buli muntu and I was one of those that stood by your side. Now you are treating a brother like trash yet you know how it feels to be treated like trash. Shame on you” Fulfigure curses.

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