Monday, January 18, 2021

MUBS Guild Minister Hangs Himself

Makerere university business school ( MUBS) foreign minister Hon. Ladu Lartijo has today hanged himself in a police cell in Juba South Sudan using a mattress cover which caused his death.

The deceased developed mental illness a few months ago which turned him violent forcing his parents to take him to the police to be locked up where he committed suicide using a mattress cover. 

According to his friends he was first taken to the hospital .

” He was taken to the hospital in Uganda after some improvement he was brought back to Kampala then later to South Sudan.” – one of his friends narrates

His friend adds that Ladu started developing mental illness after he had gone to visit a certain refugee camp in West Nile.

Hon. Ladu Lartijo

“He became so violent that his parents could no longer control him, they requested police for a lock up in a cell. After being in a cell, they gave him a mattress which he used the cover to hang himself.” – Another friend further explains

According to MUBS administration, there shall be a scientific requiem mass at the campus today and students will attend through zoom.

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