Monday, January 25, 2021

Rema Namakula curses people behind Facebook pages claiming to be Dr. Hamza, want them dead

The “Sili Muyembe” hitmaker Rema Namakula has once again come out to defend and protect her husband Dr. Ssebunya Hamza over a fake social media page. Rema through her social media platforms, curses saying people are using her husband’s name to get likes and following on social media.

This came after a Facebook account page was created just days after Rema had announced her relationship with the gynecologist. The person behind it has since then been feeding fans with pictures of the couple and sometimes opinionated posts.

Rema has now come out with bitterness to condemn the act calling it abomination as well as wishing death upon those behind it. Rema has gone as far as wishing people behind it to get stricken by lighening as seen in one of her posts on social media.

” whoever is behind this fake account may thunder strike you dead”

Fans have criticised her saying she is over reacting adding that the page makes their day with funny posts.

Rema also reveals that her husband is not on any social media platforms since he does not have time for such .

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