Sunday, January 24, 2021

Martha Kay Left embarrassed as b0nkmate forcefully chases her from his car

The waxing queen Martha Kay is in tears after being embarrassed by ex-b0nkmate who took back his Range Rover after finding her driving with another man in the car.

Martha who was also titled ” Range Rover girl” because of her crazy love for Range Rovers has revealed in a Q& A session on youtube that her ex-lover found her at Acacia Mall with another guy in the car and demanded she gets her things out, give him the keys and leave his car.

“He told me to get my things and get out of his car while lamenting how I carry other guys in his car” Matha narrates.

The guy got the keys and drove off leaving Martha embarrassed at Acacia mall Kampala.

According to Martha, this is not the first time a guy has taken back their things after a failed relationship. She reveals that there is another ex-lover of hers who demanded she refunds all the money he invested in her during their relationship.

After realising her bad luck in men, Martha kay has decided she will work hard to get her own Range Rover with her own money to avoid embarrassments and mean men.

Martha has also clarified that the guy her ex boyfriend found in the car is just a friend of hers.

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