Tuesday, January 26, 2021

VIDEOS: Hilarious Farmer Holds Meeting With His Goats, Send The Internet Wild

A South African farmer has sent shockwaves of laughter and delirium after he was filmed having a meeting with his livestock. The man who is believed to be a farmer in Ramaphosaland is now the talk of the town as he was filmed as he talked candidly with his goats to address the issue of food scarcity.

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The man calmly walked towards his goats which were gathered like crowds of voters outside the open aged and waited for him to deliver his speech the same way earnest crowds wait for a prominent politician.

As he strode towards the animals, they could be seen fidgeting for space to be able to get every word their master was going to say.

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He apologised to the goats for not delivering their maize the previous day, promising that he would be  heading straight to the market to get them some.

 “We are in a meeting now. I called this meeting to let you guys know I do not have your maize yet. I came home late yesterday and I could not buy it. I am going to head to Stanger (north of Durban) now to buy some for you guys. I hope you understand,” he said to the goats.

The video has since been a hit on social media with thousands of views already.

Check it out:

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