Saturday, January 23, 2021

New kid on block Dre Cali steals show at the Club Beats online show

You must have heard of some of his songs which include “zig zag” and “Ebisembayo”. Dre Cali hit the music scene like he was joking. But yesterday evening, he hit the stage with extra ordinary vocals at the Club Beats Online show which left viewers wondering where he has been.

The artist commenced with “Onanagiza” followed by “Zig zag” and climaxed with  “Ebisembayo” where he sounded much like the late Mowzey Radio.

Fans were excited over his vocals as they were seen exclaiming.

“This Dre Cali guy’s vocals are so good, this is the kind of live i want!” wrote one.

Another fan commented saying that indeed Dre stole the show. The show which was organised by club Pilsener in partnership with Fenon events also hosted Spice Diana.

Spice came on stage with a positive attitude and great energy making Sheebaholics ( Sheebah’s fans) trash her for copying their artist.

You all remember that Sheebah was hosted on the same show weeks back where she gave an amazing stage performance. She had a number of dancers and her band was on point.

Equally, Spice Diana came the same way with her dancers and almost similar performance. 

Fans are seen commenting telling Star gal to stop copying Sheebah adding that she is way bigger than her.

”  competition eli wano, naye baby Spice gwovuganya naye nga ali wala….” one fanatic opined.

Watch the video below:

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