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Former Kampala Mayor Nasser Ntege Sebaggala is dead

Ugandans have today Saturday 26th September 2020 woken up to news of the untimely passing of former city Mayor Al Hadji Nasser Ntege Ssebagala.

Ssebagala, 72, died a few hours ago at International Hospital Kampala where he had been admitted after he developed a disorder in his stomach, commonly referred to as intussusception.

He has been in the hospital’s ICU unit for the last two weeks.

He was born in Kampala on November 15 1947.

He was Mayor of Kampala from 2006 to 2011. He was an independent presidential candidate in the 2006 general election before dropping out and joining the Kampala mayoral race.

In 2010, he unsuccessfully ran for the post of DP president but lost to Norbert Mao. Shortly after, he formed a political party but later dissolved it and joined NRM as senior presidential advisor.

n 1998, he began his political career by running for the position of Mayor of Kampala. Ostensibly a member of the Democratic Party, Sebaggala won the first direct elections for mayor of Kampala in 1998, beating two government-sponsored candidates.

However, he was arrested in the United States two months later, in June 1998, on eight counts of fraud and lying to U.S. customs officials. In February 1999, he received a 15-month sentence but was paroled in December 1999.

He returned to Kampala in February 2000 to a warm welcome and considered a bid in the 2001 presidential elections.

In mid-December 2005, he broke with the Democratic Party (DP), after he came third in the party presidential primaries, which was won by Ssebaana Kizito, and registered himself as an independent.

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