Monday, January 18, 2021

VIDEO: Pallaso Succeeds Where Many Haven’t, Proposes To Faridah On TV and She Says ‘Yes’

Singer Bruno K must be reading this with clenched fists as he curses himself in disbelief! Someone has just done what he hasn’t done in the many months he has had the chance to enjoy the company of sassy presenter Faridah Nakazibwe. He perhaps, hasn’t cowed to terms with the art of luring a charming woman that Faridah is. But the self proclaimed Sucker-Free Boss and King Of The East, Pius Mayanjai alias Pallaso from the Mayanja family has eclipsed him in a bit.


Let’s not get ahead of the tody itself. On Friday morning, Pallaso appeared on NTV’s Mwasuze Mutya Programme where he was being interviewed by Faridah about a wide range of issues about his musical career and private life. Like has been always the norm, the jovial Faridah tends to be into the dance mood.

As the show climaxed, the pair squared up for a dance and in the midst of it, Pallaso went on the bended knee as posed the question to Faridah as he slipped a ring on her finger…..and she said Yes.

It was obviously a hugely orchestrated joke that spiced up the ending.

Watch the highly talked out moment here:

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