Thursday, January 28, 2021

Tinah Fierce Defies UCC Directives to apologize to Minister Sam Kutesa

While Sheilah Gashumba and her father Frank Gashumba made everyone believe they were behind Christine Karungi alias Tinah Fierce’s suspension from air, evidence has been revealed showing that the scoop on scoop presenter was suspended because of Hon. Sam Kuteesa and Mr. Kavuya using Sheila Gashumba.

Boom Gossip has learned that Tinah Fierce on 20th May 2020 accused Hon. Sam Kuteesa of exertion of favoritism by allowing Mr. Kavuya to repatriate members of his family during the COVID-19 pandemic while other Ugandans were suffering in foreign countries like China.

According to the media council disciplinary committee, Tinah used unsavory language and wished death upon Kuteesa and Kavuyo’s family.

Tinah also called upon Ugandans to rise up and fight the privileged and connected few who bend rules to suit their whims and families. The council believes that comment was inciting violence.

The presenter was then asked to write and send an apology to Hon. Sam Kuteesa which she declined. 

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Ugandans are wondering why she led the Gashumba to boast around claiming they were behind her suspension yet it was not true.

Boom Gossip shall keep you posted.

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