Thursday, January 21, 2021

Dates Confirmed: Tooro Princess Komuntale Set To Tie The Knot Again

Tooro Princess Komuntale Set To Tie The Knot Again

We all remember that ill-fated marriage that has promised so much yet delivered so little that wedding with American playboy Christopher Thomas and Princess Komuntale. Many had predicted that the beautiful Tooro princess would never recover from the heartbreak of that failed marriage to hold another.

Well, you were wrong. As we wrote this, the beautiful princess is counting down months to another d-day where she will say the vows again, this time with Anthony Phil, also an American citizen.

The couple have been dating for some time now and they feel the time is ripe for them to set up a wedding that will legally bind them as husband and wife.

After teasing about their imminent wedding for some time, Boom Gossip finally learnt of the couple’s real date as 8th May 2021.

The Couple are still leaving Tooro subjects guessing about whether the wedding will again be held in Tooro or whether it will be some exquisite gardens of the US or Dubai. We are yet to tell despite firm belief from the Kingdom royals that it should be in their kingdom backyard.

Komuntale and Phil teased about their dream day on Instagram with identical t-shirts inscribed with words “Best Husband Ever” with a further inscription that read “Even though we are not officially married yet, you have shown all the qualities of a great husband and more. I love you baby, counting down. #8monthstogo #besthusbandintheworld #blessedmarriage #blessedwedding2021.”

We wish Komuntale all the best in her new marriage.

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