Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Spice Diana’s Hard Work Pays Off As She Ships In $50,000 Brand New Ride

Diana Namukwaya alias Spice Diana is living her dream life ever since she signed Roger Lubega as her manager. Spice Diana has as we wrote this become another singer cruising in a new monster ride after she shipped in a brand new 2018 Toyota Prado TX which is valued at $50,000.

Spice Diana who has not long ago occupied her new mansion is now the undisputed artiste of the year in the just concluded Zzina Awards has added the latest achievement to her already grown reputation. The singer also recently received her YouTube silver award after sh surpassed 100k subscribers on YouTube.

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With cash flowing in from all sources and corners, Spice Diana and her manager Roger are simply amassing stuff and living their lives like a Rex.

He monster ride joins Spice Diana’s ever growing fleet of expensive cars.

Look at the photos below:

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