Thursday, January 21, 2021

Urban TV’s Tina Fierce Reveals The Truth Behind Her Suspension, Exposes Sheila Gashumba’s Lies (SCREENSHOTS)

The battle between Sheila Gashumba and her blue eyed boyfriend Marcus Ali Lwanga alias God’s Plan against Urban TV’s Tina Fierce alias Christine Kirungi raged on for weeks. And many of netizens were entrenched in the ensuing tug of war between the two entertainment and social media gurus as we watched in who would finally outsmart the other.

Before we knew it, Tina Fierce’s show was scrapped off and the next thing we saw was Sheila Gashumba and camp jubilating for their victory. We sheepishly believed that the victory was theirs, hoping in the false belief that the UCC was acting on their behalf.

However, according to the leaked document dated 29th June 2020 from the regulatory body, Tina Fierce is instead being accused of speaking ill and tarnishing the name of foreign affairs minister Sam Kuteesa and a one Ben Kavuya. The commission decreed that Tina should apologise to the two and that the show should be revisited. 

When Tina exposed the document on social media to show that Sheila Gashumba and co were celebrating a victory that was not theirs.

Many social media users were Lect in wonder as they praised Tina for revealing the truth and bashing Sheila for the lies.

Look at the screenshots below: 

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