Thursday, January 21, 2021

Miss Uganda Dora Mwima’s husband reports women yearning to swallow his wh0oper to wife (Screenshots)

The love and Friendship between former miss Uganda Dora Mwima and Nader Barrak is one of a kind as evidenced in Nader’s post.

Now, Yesterday Dora Mwima sent flowers to her husband disguising herself as a secret admirer leaving Nader with no option but to put it out in public for Mwima to believe he is not cheating.

Nader claims he first interrogated his wife to be sure she was not the one trying to prank him since she has done it before. After Mwima denied everything, the loving husband later took to social media and assured the secret admirer how much he loves his wife. He added that he has nothing to do with the flowers other than selling them exchanging them for cupcakes.

“It looks like I have some secret admirer and it isn’t my wife ??, received this at my office this morning, and I really thought this was wifey first (she did it before) but after asking her and sending her the Pic and got through a thorough and lengthy investigation ???, it was obvious it wasn’t wifey.
Anyway, just for info, why the hell you send me flowers? What do you expect me to do with them? Chocolate, cake, juice, pizza… Those are the things you send! Mstew…” – Nader Barrak posted.

While many are praising Nader for being a faithful husband, other Ugandans are criticising him, calling him names claiming real men do not handle things that way saying he is being controlled by a woman.

Dora Mwima and lover Nader Barrak

Nader and Dora have been married for over ten years with three children together.

The couple is admired so much by many young people in Uganda simply because of the way these two love birds are always complementing and making fun of each other on social media. 

Check out screenshots below.

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