Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Sensational U-turn For Joseph Sabiiti As He Rejoins NBS TV, Start Date Confirmed

The different ethnicities in Uganda that we are blessed with each has a proverb of saying that relates to this; the tendency of a person to make a sensational U-turn to rejoin a group that he or she had initially left. The sayings in your first language (whichever it is) comes in handy to or fee to the situation that former NBS TV senior reporter Joseph Sabiiti is in.

To cut the story short, Sabiiti is rejoining Next Media’s NBS TV, just a few months after he was rumoured to be joining Vision Group’s Urban TV.

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Sabiiti had left NBS TV to work with Action Aid, a nongovernmental organisation as the communications officer. The job has been highly paying a Sabiiti is visibly getting fatter(thanks to the fat paycheque). However, his constant longing for the microphone and camera has swayed him back to his first love.

Sabiiti returns to NBS TV effective 6th July as he tweeted yesterday.

“Effective 6th July… #NBSUpdates,” tweeted Joseph Sabiti.

The news could only be confirmed by Solomon Sky Kyambadde, the news producer at NBS TV who hailed Sabiiti’s return to the political command centre.

“I take this opportunity to welcome back my brother and prodigal son Joseph Sabiiti, to the political command centre.  . Back to the unavoidable business, Journalism. #NBSUpdates,” said Solomon Sky Kyambadde on social media.

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