Saturday, January 23, 2021

UNMASKED! Here Is Why Chameleone Was Denied NUP Ticket For Lord Mayor Seat

Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone was last week served an embarrassing experience after he was denied a ticket of the National Unity Platform as a flag bearer in the Lord Mayor race. The singer turned political aspirant was hugely tipped to get the flag of the red camp but was ditched in favour of Latif Ssebagala. 

Many have come out to voice out their frustration and disappointment in Bobi Wine and his camp for ditching Chameleone in favour of a little known Ssebagala Latiff. Latid has reportedly backed out of the race since. 

However, we have since landed on a reported assessment report of the singer which was carried out by the vetting committee. The Comprehensive assessment report indicates that without the name Chameleone, Joseph Mayanja is unrecognizable, has little voter confidence despite possessing the basic academic credentials.

NUP assessment report

It was also revealed that the singer’s catholic religion is not so appealing to the voters in Kampala. With Latif Ssebagala’s reported withdrawal, it remains to be seen whether the NUP will crawl ba k to the self proclaimed music doctor.

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