Thursday, January 21, 2021

Dembe FM’s Jacob Omutuuze Bitter As He Is Denied NUP Ticket (VIDEO)

It appears the National Unity Platform is no longer a safe haven for entertainers. In the past seven days, prominent entertainers like Jose Chameleone and Khalifa Aganaga have been denied the endorsement of the NUP as they sought to hold the party ticket in elective positions. It appears the same is to happen to Jacob Akugizibwe alias Dj Jacobs Omutuuze. 

The Dembe FM presenter had wanted the party’s endorsement to vie for the councillorship for Bunamwaaya. However, after seeing the vetting for his position skirted around by the party leadership, Dj Jacob now feels he is getting the Chameleone treatment.  He accuses sabotage by the DP bloc and his fellow workmates at Dembe FM as the masterminds behind the mess to fail his political career.

Dembe FM’s Jacob Omutuuze

“Every position was returned and people selected, but no one has spoken about my position….DP block is fighting me not to get a ticket, they have given money to people in NUP and my different workmates to fight me. It is absurd, “he said.

Dj Jacobs also castigates his workmate Eddie Ssendi accusing him of being jealous of him for being more successful. He claims Ssendi is decampaigning him that he is not a Muganda and should not contest in Bunamwaaya. In addition, he said his woes are not caused by Bobi Wine, but by those who don’t want to see him succeed.

“Sendi is a useful idiot, he has a grudge with me for being more successful. I am a citizen of this country and resident of Bunamwaya, so I will contest where I want…… This is not about Bobi Wine; it is about the DP block that is forcing the way things should be in Bunamwaya. But I will contest, whether I am in NUP or not, and whoever comes I will obliterate them.” fumed Omutuuze.

Watch video below:

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