Saturday, January 23, 2021

Anatalia Ozze Given Tough Conditions By NBS TV Bosses Ahead Of Political Move

Annet Nambooze alias Anatalia Ozze is joining politics.

Annet Nambooze alias Anatalia Ozze is joining politics. This is now an open secret since word has been out there for quite some time. However, many had wondered how the celebrated Next Media lugambo queen is going to juggle between politics and TV.

For starters, Annatalia is vying for Lord Woman Councillor Rubaga North seat on an independent ticket and it has been learnt it was an order from the next media bosses for her to compete without any party colours. Ozze has revealed that it was agreed that she will retain her job at NBS TV on condition that she stands as an independent candidate and that she will have to always get time off her busy campaign trail to appear for the shows.

“We have a big audience and it supports different political parties, so my boss saw that when I join a particular political party, it will affect some of our audience. That’s why I am coming as an independent candidate and I thank my boss for allowing me to retain my job at NBS TV after my political move,” revealed Ozze.

She also revealed that upon being elected woman councilor, she will embark on empowering young girls and women through her already established organisation, “Women for her”. She also revealed that she hopes to used her office to lobby more funding for the organisation.

“We have a foundation called Women For Her, and sometimes it requires me to collect signatures, financial help, recommendations among other things from some offices, but It used to be hard, people can smile at you because you a public figure and then give you a blind eye when you speak about business, that’s why I decided to join politics to ease my work,” Annatalia added.

Unlike other media personalities like Miles Rwamiti and Agnes Nandutu who were compelled to quit their positions at Spark TV and NTV respectively, Annatalia is going to be a Lord Woman Councillor and Gossip queen in equal measure.

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