Monday, January 18, 2021

Controversial Presidential Adviser Full Figure Disagrees With New UMA Leadership

Faded singer Jennifer Full figure who also recently earned herself the title as presidential adviser has come out to express her dissatisfaction on the newly appointed Uganda Musicians Association-UMA leadership.

UMA is a musician’s association that was formed earlier on this year with it’s leaders as Sofie Gombya and Ykee Benda as president and Vice president respectively. However, Sofie Gombya resigned with claims that she was so busy.

After elections held in August, “boy so tender’ was elected new UMA president replacing Sofie and Cindy as his vice.

However unlike other musicians Full Figure seemed not to agree with the arrangement saying is too broke to even finance UMA and that Cindy is just a stripper Full Figure went on to call the two unable leaders and that there is no way they could lead the Ugandan musicians.

However, MP Kato Lubwama came up and defended the two earlier on asking whether Full Figure was a musician, he went on and praised Ykee Benda as a brilliant educated artist who will help develop the Ugandan musicians without fear or favour.

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