Monday, January 25, 2021

VIDEO & SCREENSHOT: Geostedy and Baby Mama Prima Kardash Break Up After a Nasty Fight, Relationship Secrets Exposed

Geosteady Break up with Prima Kardash! Two love birds Goesteady and his baby mama Prim have finally broken up something which has caught netizens by surprise.

Earlier on Prim revealed she had moved out of her matrimonial house and rented an apartment since she had tried alot to be a good wife and mother something which Goesteady didn’t appreciate.

“I have tried so much to be a good wife but it seems like you don’t want peace, I left your house and rented somewhere cause I didn’t want to fight with u, I’m a good mother and I take good care of our kids but you take me for granted”, – Prim painfully narrated.

Check Out screenshot below:

In the video going viral on social media, Geosteady’s baby mama went on to shows how he went on and destroyed everything in her apartment.

Watch the video below;

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