Wednesday, January 27, 2021

“He Has Never Been a Member Of People Power” – NBS TV’s Kayz Reveals Bajjo’s Dirty Secrets

One of the famous promoters in Uganda Andrew Mukasa also known as “Bajjo” came out and revealed to the public of how he is no longer a member of NUP and People power, this arouses anger among the NUP and people power fans who ended up blasting him on all his social media platforms.

Unexpectedly the anger didn’t only affect the common people but also one of the personalities in Uganda, a host and TV presenter known as ‘Lord Kayz’ who came out and defended the party and its leaders of how “Bajjo” has never been a member of NUP and People Power in general.

“He is just an actor, opportunist and a mocker looking for money”- Kayz claimed in one of the interviews where Bajjo featured with Mp Kato Lubwama and Selector Williams one of the Entertainment analysts.


Kayz came out to defend the party after Bajjo had totally insulted the NUP leader by calling him a user, selfish, and a fool to the public.

However, there are still claims that the promoter is a NUP fan though he was bribed by the ruling party to diminish the name of the NUP leader Hon Kyagulanyi Sentamu Robert also famously known as Bobiwine something which the promoter still denies

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