Monday, January 18, 2021

VIDEO: Harbert Shonga Finally Clear The Air About His Bitter Split With Fiance Sasha Brighton

Finally, city socialite Habert Shonga has come out to make it clear to the public about the rumours that have been going around social media for over a month about how he and his long time girlfriend Sasha Brighton had broken up.

The alleged split romours started after they had lost their twins pregnancy something which he claimed to be false.

Herbert Shonga has gone forward to inform the public that in any relationship there are always challenges and losing the twins is one of the challenges he and Sasha faced.


He also revealed that he is not only Sasha Brighton’s music manager but also his fiance or rather husband to be but however, he is not going to be fully involved in her music he used to be previously.

Watch the video below.

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